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So, you've found the frames. What next? Our qualified Dispensing Eyecare specialists are always on hand to discuss your visual needs, so that as well as having the most appropriate lens, your new glasses will look fabulous too.

Spectacle Lenses

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Recent years have brought major improvements in spectacle lens technology - this means we can fit your frame with lenses which give better vision, look better and are often lighter and more comfortable to wear than ever before.

Our staff are trained to help you choose the best lenses for your prescription and will always consider your lifestyle, visual needs and budget when making a recommendation.

Varifocal Lenses

As we get older we experience natural changes in our eyesight which results in a need to have separate near and distance corrections. This typically occurs from our mid 40s onwards.

Traditional solutions to this have been the prescribing of separate distance and near glasses or a bifocal lens. Bifocals have a visible line across the lens.

A simpler approach is to consider the use of varifocal lenses which do away with the intrusive line and have the advantage of a gradual change in power from the top to bottom of the lens. This means that there is no sudden jump from distance to near and that there is also a zone on the lens which is useful for intermediate, middle distance tasks.

Lens Coatings

We recommend the use of scratch resistant coatings on every lens we supply to prolong the life of your lenses as it makes the lenses easier to clean and prevent unnecessary damage.

Many people involved in detailed visual tasks such as looking at computer screens or drivers who experience glare especially with night driving find it helpful to have their lenses coated with additional anti-reflection coatings. This coating also improves the cosmetic appearance of a lens as there is no reflection to get in the way of eye contact.

Thinner, Lighter Lenses

Nearly every lens can be made thinner and lighter and hence more comfortable to wear by using high refractive index materials. Imagine these as denser than standard lenses which need less material to have the same focussing effect and you can see that these will result in an improved lens to wear.

Often made with a specific frame and wearer in mind, advanced surfacing techniques can further enhance the finished product. All these lenses come with quality anti-reflection coatings for optimal performance and are particularly useful for higher prescriptions and rimless frames.

Lifestyle Lenses

For many people the 21st century has meant increased leisure time and the opportunity to follow many active pursuits which can add visual challenges to the eye above and beyond those required in every day situations. We offer a wide variety of lenses to help you get the best from your eyes both at work, rest & play.

Our experienced staff will be happy to help determine your specific needs and give you the benefit of their advice. Prescription sunglasses, once a rarity, are now quite commonplace. With evidence that over exposure to potentially damaging ultra violet (U.V.) light may cause cataracts and accelerate the development of macular degeneration, these should be considered a necessity rather than a luxury.

Providing U.V. protection can be done either with a fixed tint or with a variable tint photo chromic lens. Many high quality anti-reflection coatings will also provide good protection against U.V. light. Even if prescription lenses are not required an increasing variety of good quality U.V. blocking sunglasses are available from about £15 upwards. Don’t forget, if you take your children to the beach you apply UV protecting sunscreen to their skin - you should also make sure they wear UV protecting eyewear.